Louis Smit


Projects for SMEs, NGOs, governments

Algeria: service by Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Armenia: marketing of television channel and web site

Armenia: marketing of a network of tour operators

Bolivia: service center for exporting companies

Bolivia: business incubator for a private university

Bosnia: municipal information centres

Colombia: empowerment of a federation of traders

Czech republic: issue management

Czech-Dutch twinning of hospitals

Croatia: government spokespersons

Ecuador: positioning an association of entrepreneurs

Georgia: business plan for a PR firm

Georgia: business consultancy for a children's television channel

Guatemala: assistance for a media company

Hungary: social inclusion

Hungary: teaching university students of PR

Indonesia (Bali): capacity building of an association of entrepreneurs

Indonesia (Bali): marketing for a design studio

Indonesia (Java): capacity builing of an association of entrepreneurs

Iran: mediation in a local community

Japan-Holland: town twinning

Kazakhstan: translate and communicate

Lithuania: training of government officials

Lithuania: country promotion

Macedonia: communication of an independent testing organization

Moldova: communication for the national cadastre

Moldova: policy making with NGOs

Nepal: promotion of professional educational consultancy

Poland: building national information service

Romania: governmental anti-racism campaign

Russia: info centers for Siberian citizens

Russia: commercial advice to a PR and advertising firm

Slovenia: EU communication

South Africa: export marketing

Thailand: professional advertising

The Caribbean: capacity building

Turkey: campaigning against discrimination

Turkey: promoting flexible work

Turkey: promoting gender equality

Ukraine: municipal service centers

Vietnam: online marketing for a producer of wooden walls (home decoration)

Vietnam: marketing for a certification body

Vietnam: marketing for a rope and twine producer